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Visa for Australian & Canadian Permanent Residence

Wings Global Migration makes your immigration a cakewalk. We provide you with the best PR Visa consultants for Australia and Canada in Mumbai. We provide the best immigration services in the industry through our immigration consultants.

We employ a dedicated team of immigration experts and visa agents who meet all your immigration needs. We ensure your smooth transition to your country of destination. Our immigration specialists and visa consultants guide you throughout the immigration process whether it’s Australia, Canada or other countries. Our immigration experts possess vast and up-to-date knowledge of immigration processes. Our immigration consultants maintain the most stringent standards when handling our customers, consulates and regulatory authorities with a smooth working flow.

We are a comprehensive visa consultancy services for the following categories:

  • Work permits and related visas
    Visa processes allow access to foreign countries. Typically, these visas enable your work visa for a certain period, usually between 2 and 3 years, in the issuing country.
  • Permanent residency visas
    The most sought visas by immigrants are permanent residence visas. Those who hold such visas enjoy nearly the same rights and advantages as nationals. You can stay indefinitely in the issuing country by visa as its name indicates.
  • Dependent visas and spouse visas
    When you are able to join your family, the experience of living and working abroad is greatly enhanced. Visas for dependent persons and for spouses are allowed to apply for their wives on a journey abroad, both for working and permanent resident visa holders.
  • Short-term visas: Business visas/Visitor visas
    Whether you are on a short holiday with your family, a short-term visa allows you to travel abroad for no longer than six months–whether a conference with your family or an international counterpart.

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