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Immigration for Abroad Studies

Have you made up your mind about studying in Australia but not sure about the process of obtaining Student Visa of Australia? No worries, because here we are to answer all your queries related to Australian Students Visa and Australian immigration policies with our visa consultancy and immigration services in Mumbai.

Our team of Australian student visa consultants in Mumbai provides you with all the prerequisite like:

  • The eligible courses – English, Vocational and University.
  • The overall cost of acquiring Australian visa for studying.
  • Duration of validity of visa depending upon specific academic programs.
  • Requirements for applying for the visa.
  • Various benefits that come with the visa.
  • Renewal policies for the student visa for Australia.

Wings Global Migration is one of the leading Australian Student Visa Consultants in Mumbai. We offer you the necessary information and counseling along with the other required services. All in all, we promise to make the whole process convenient and smoothly take you closer to your dream of studying in Australia.

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